The Feelings Game Feels Ready

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The Feelings Game, a unique and fun activity designed to help children and adolescents with autism learn to identify facial expressions and emotions, is announced by as now available.

The free on-line game starts with activities that focus on the visual discrimination of facial expressions and matching labels with expressions, and then progresses to activities that teach about emotions and emotional expression.

The game uses photos of real people and includes established special teaching methods such as cheerful and child-friendly graphics, positive feedback for right answers only, and randomized presentation of faces to avoid pattern learning.

The game incorporates the latest research findings on recognizing facial expressions, including concepts such as having 3 selectable faces because age and sex have an effect on the way emotions are understood, and using neutral colors in the pictures since wearing colors like red affects the emotions perceived.

A separate Facial Expressions Game at the same web site lets a person manipulate the parts of a computer face to duplicate these expressions, or make different expressions. To support these on-line games, the site also offers picture cards for communicating expressions, as part of its over 380 free printable picture cards.

This game is supported by Grant R44-HD41289-01 from NICHD, National Institutes of Health.

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