The BEST PALS program is designed to make a difference. In the life of a child. In the life of the child's family.


Please know that David's progress with BEST PALS has been exceptional; however, elopement, self-injurious behaviors, potty-training, compliance, and communication are still significant issues which will require more time.

In the last two weeks, David has verbalized the word "up" and can now nod his head in affirmation. He has had three bowel movements on the toilet this week. On the other hand, David got away from us yesterday. He continues to engage in self-injurious behaviors. Cutting off BEST PALS now would be detrimental to his progress. Jenny and the aides have actually improved the quality of his school program as well as his speech therapy sessions by sharing their expertise, which has provided much-needed overall consistency for David.

I can say for certain that the BEST PALS program is the best thing David has ever had. They have been the only ones to really get through to David. He is finally beginning to understand what is expected of him.

I extend an open invitation to watch BEST PALS at work with David first-hand in my home anytime . I'm certain you would be impressed with their work ,yet see how much more work is needed.

Renae (mother)


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